Project Description

Haeju Gongjindan  <King’s medicine> – Gongjindan is the prescription prescribed in the medical book “Seuideikhyobang” by Wi Yeok-lim and has a nickname of King’s medicine as it is very effective. It is composed of 4 ingredients of musk, deer antlers, dong quai and corni. In particular, pueraria is added to Haeu Gongjindan having the detoxication effect regarding alcohol. It promotes metabolism of our body and clears blood improving blood circulation. It also restores weak physical condition due to fatigue or various kinds of stress including dizziness, headache, chronic fatigue, and menstrual irregularity. In particular, it is effective for improving stamina so it works for those who have reduced liver function due to drinking or those who experience chronic fatigue due to stress and excessive work or those who consumes a lot of mental and physical energy due to alcohol drinking for social networking purpose.

◎ Suggested use : one or two times per day (one before having breakfast, the other one before falling a sleep). It is better to take this before meal and especially good if you chew this with warm water for better absorption
◎ Storage : It should be inputted into refrigerator, recommended to consume it within 6 months