Project Description

Chungganhaeju-hwan  淸肝解酒丸

Medicine, protecting brain and liver and reliving alcoholic poisoning

Chungganhaeju-hwan is patented medicine that protects brain cell and liver damaged by alcohol. Chungganhaeju-hwan was researched and developed by Dasarang central hospital designated as the specialized hospital in alcohol disorders by the ministry of health and welfare. Chungganhaeju-hwan was announced in the paper, ‘Effect of Chungganhaeju-hwan in Ethanol-induced Neuronal Cell Damage’, published by the Korea Association of Herbology(This is the association contributing to academic development and distribution of Korean medicine and herbology) on September 2011, and was patented on September 12, 2013 within two years from the publication of the paper.

•  atent name : Pharmaceutical composition for prevention of brain disease and medical treatment containing Acer tegmentosum, Alnus japonica, Taraxacum platycarpum, Circium japonicu, Xanthium sibiricum, Pueraria flos Hoveniae, Semen cum Fructus, Arrowroot. (Patent registration No. 10-1310285)






The effect of Chungganhaeju-hwan, protecting brain damage, has been already proved scientifically. As a result of animal experiment, Chungganhaeju-hwan protects brain cell and prevents failure of patient’s memory against alcohol. It is thought that it protects failure of alcohol addicted patient’s memory due to the alcohol addiction. Besides, Chungganhaeju-hwan works for relief of blackout, headache·heartburn·mawkishness·abdominal pain·diarrhea ·removal of hangover, prevention of liver damage, improvement of hyperlipidemia, stress relief, reduction of desire for alcohol(lowered craving effect), fatigue recovery, increased stamina etc.

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복용법 및 주의사항

  • 일반 복용법 : (성인 1회 1환) 1일 아침/저녁 2회, 식후 30분 씹어서 복용하거나 온수에 개어서 복용
  • 음주시 복용법 : 음주 시작 10분 전 1환, 음주 시작 30분 후 1환, 총 2환 복용

     ※ 단, 일반 복용자가 음주 시에는 음주 시작 10분 전 1환만 추가로 복용(하루 총 3회 복용)

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